4 Seaside Health Benefits

Did you know a visit to the seaside is more than just a fun day out? Research has shown that living by the sea is better for our health. Even a quick visit to the ocean can increase health and boost happiness levels.

Below are 4 seaside health benefits that will hopefully encourage you to visit the beach more often!


The sea helps us feel less stressed and more relaxed

According to research, the gentle lull of the waves and their rhythmic beating on the shore can help us attain a deeply relaxed state. There’s a reason why many people listen to wave sounds via a relaxation app or cd  – but nothing beats the real thing!

The science behind this feeling is that seaside air is charged with healthy negative ions. These ions help us to balance our levels of seratonin, which in turn helps to reduce stress and improve our mood.

When I get a chance, I love to just go and sit on the beach and tune into ebb and flow of the waves. It never fails to help me forget my problems and feel more relaxed. Meditating by the sea is a powerful way to boost well-being and the ocean is a helpful tool in achieving deep relaxation.

Sea air aids a better nights sleep



When my sister comes to visit, she often says she has had a great nights sleep thanks to the sea air.  There is truth in the saying that the sea air is good for us. The Victorians certainly believed this, often sending sick people to the seaside to recuperate.

The good quality sleep induced by a visit to the sea is again down to those negative ions in the sea air. They  help our bodies to absorb oxygen and balance seratonin, therefore promoting better sleep.

A couple of the best naps I’ve ever taken were on the beach while I was pregnant with my son. Both times I was lulled in to a deeply relaxed state by the rhythm of the waves, before falling into a restful sleep. When my energy levels were at my lowest and sleeping was uncomfortable, this kind of power nap was more than welcome!

The seaside encourages us to get active


There is so much to do by the sea, you can’t help but get active. From long walks along the coast to swimming, kayaking, sailing, surfing and paddle boarding – the sea is just egging you on to take part in some form of exercise.


If you visit or live by the sea you will be more likely to spend time out in the fresh air being active. We all know the health rewards of exercising regularly and if you’re lucky enough to visit the sea on a sunny day, you will also benefit from your body’s production of vitamin D.

Floating in the sea is good for us


If you’re brave enough to have a swim in the sea (which in the UK is unfailingly cold) you will reap the rewards of just allowing yourself to float, aided by the salty water. Floating in water helps more blood to be pumped around our abdominal region because we are no longer standing up. This in turn brings more oxygen to the brain, helping us to feel more energised.

If you really can’t stomach the cold water you could invest in a wet-suit, especially if you want to float rather than swim.

Where I live, I see people swimming at all times of the year – even Christmas Day! It appears they do this with good reason.


So what are you waiting for? If you want a good nights sleep, improved mood, a bit of sunshine and to take part in some fun activities then book in your next seaside visit as soon as possible!


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