Janesmoor Pond

If you’re looking for somewhere to have a picnic and a nice walk in the New Forest, a visit to Janesmoor Pond won’t disappoint.

Located in the heart of the Forest, just south of Fritham, this small freshwater pond is surrounded by enchanting woodland walks and signature New Forest wildlife. The pond and much of the surrounding area is suitable for buggies and pushchairs.


No fishing and also no paddling – it’s not advisable to paddle or swim here.

You can park for free in the Janesmoor Pond car park. Ensure you have all your food, drink and other provisions with you as there are no shops nearby. There are also no toilets in the car park.

The pond itself is small – about 500m in circumference – so walking around it doesn’t take long. It is a beautiful spot to have a picnic and if you don’t see any ponies or cows wandering around, consider yourself unlucky!

Lily Pad at Janesmoor Pod

Behind the car park you can enter beautiful woodland and walk on the designated trails (much of this is not buggy friendly although some paths are). There are plenty of fallen trees to climb and if you’re quiet enough you may just spot a deer or two.




My daughter, who is obsessed with Harry Potter, found a wand and guided us through the ‘Forbidden Forest’ warding off werewolves and dementors as she went. This kept her occupied at any rate.



Make sure you remember which way you walked so you can navigate your way back. We did get a bit lost, but thanks to Daddy Grylls we found our way back to the car park eventually.



Janesmoor pond and the surrounding area is much quieter than other New Forest hot spots. When we visited in the height of August there were only a few people around the pond and nobody in the woods. Bear this in mind when visiting, if you choose to walk in the woods you will be quite isolated. Make sure you have provisions and a phone with you and that you tell someone where you are going.

(I haveĀ made every effort to ensure the accuracy of the information contained in this post and do not accept liability for any errors or omission. I do not accept any liability for you getting lost or encountering any other problems. )


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