Sprinkles Gelato, Bournemouth

Do you fancy a tasty treat? Then it would be rude not to visit the best dessert parlour on the south coast, Sprinkles Gelato. You’ll be bowled over by their eclectic selection of sundaes, crepes, waffles and cakes and the sheer variety or flavours. Although not technically in the New Forest, Sprinkles Gelato in Bournemouth is beloved throughout the region by tourists and locals alike. My children would certainly never pass on the opportunity to ingest a bit of Sprinkles magic.

Sprinkles Gelato Bournemouth

There are two Sprinkles Dessert Parlours in Bournemouth. One is in Winton and the other is located in the centre of town, a five minute walk from Bournemouth train station.

The eye-wateringly sweet smell of their confections hits you as soon as you open the door, goading you inside to give in to temptation. However, you may feel slightly overwhelmed by the choice that unfolds before you. Ice creams range in flavour from your bog-standard vanilla, chocolate and strawberry to the more delectable Toblerone, Malteaser, Kinder Bueno and peanut M&Ms.

Sprinkles Gelato Bournemouth

Browsing the extensive menu (there are 200 flavours of ice-cream), it’s difficult to select just one dessert. While you may feel as though you’re drowning in the choices, sharing a few dishes between a group of people is often a good option. Fear of missing out is inevitable with this selection, I’m afraid.

Sprinkles Gelato Bournemouth

If you plump for a sundae, crepe of some waffles the price can mount up, but I think it’s worth every penny. As is the sugar-head you’ll leave with. A few scoops of ice-cream, however, won’t break the bank or leave you feeling as though you’ve overdosed on sugar.

I think the pictures speak for themselves…

Sprinkles Gelato Bournemouth

Sprinkles Gelato Bournemouth

Sprinkles Gelato Bournemouth

As well as the lip-smacking desserts, Sprinkles also do a mean coffee.

Sprinkles Gelato Bournemouth

The staff are friendly and the decor is colourful and inviting, like a proper 1950s-style, American ice-cream parlour. It’s clean and inviting and if you could bottle the smell and take it home, believe me you would.

For fans of ice-cream and sumptuous desserts, a trip to Sprinkles is a must. You can find out more information, including store locations and menus, on their website. Enjoy!

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