Creative Kids: Imaginative Activities The Whole Family Can Enjoy

Did you know that creative activities are proven to reduce stress and tension and make adults feel happier? Many of us associate being creative with school art classes and colouring in on a rainy day, but it’s not just kids that benefit from having the freedom to channel their creativity. If you’re keen to encourage your children to let their imaginations run wild, and you’re up for a bit of good old-fashioned family fun, here are some activities the whole family can enjoy.

Role play

Role play is so beneficial for children. It encourages them to use their imagination, but it also gives them the ability to take on a different character and put themselves in other people’s shoes. This is also a creative activity that can be incredibly fun, and there are no limits. You can conjure up all kinds of settings and environments, take on a number of different roles, try out a range of outfits and enjoy a host of different adventures, every one unique. Being creative in this way can encourage children to be more open-minded and accepting, and they can also use role play scenarios to express their emotions. The sky is the limit when it comes to incorporating role play into your child’s routine. Dress up and host a ball, get ready to cross your knees on the wooden floor and go back to school or channel your inner adventurers and go on a treasure hunt armed with a map. You can encourage role play by using props and dress-up outfits, reading stories together and investing in fun, quirky pieces of children’s bedroom furniture like playhouses, teepees and treehouse beds. You can all act out scenes together, and you can let the kids take it turns to choose the setting and the story. Role play is great for bringing children out of their shells, and it also links in really well with an array of other activities.


Painting is something that tends to be part and parcel of school life before being abandoned until children arrive on the scene. Even if you’re not blessed with artistic guile and skill, you can still enjoy painting, and it can still offer benefits for your mental health. Painting is a really fun activity to do as a family, but it can also be very relaxing and therapeutic. Painting can help children and adults express themselves, and it also teaches children how to focus, how to improve their fine motor skills and how to recreate the things they see around them in a creative way. Painting is fantastic for rainy, grey days, but you can also have loads of fun on sunny days. Get some giant sheets of paper, lay down some newspaper, pour out some different coloured paints and have a blast creating your own version of Jackson Pollock’s masterpieces. You could even use your combined talents to produce some new pieces of art for the walls.

Junk modelling

Did you ever fancy yourself as the next Blue Peter presenter? If so, there’s every chance that you rate your junk modelling skills. Modelling is an excellent way of improving your child’s motor skills and teaching them to be resourceful, but it’s also enjoyable for all ages. Test yourself, and see what you can come up with when faced with a pile of boxes, bottles, tins and cartons, and encourage your kids to do the same. Will you go for a safe option and create a house or a robot or are you keen for a tougher challenge? The world is your oyster, so be creative and enjoy the quality time you spend together. Junk modelling is accessible to all, it’s cheap, and for most of us, it doesn’t take long to collect a decent array of items.

Are you keen to encourage your children to be creative and imaginative? Many parents want their children’s childhoods to be as enjoyable and fun as possible. Creative activities are an excellent way to build confidence, enable kids to express themselves and give them a chance to enjoy and discover a whole new world of experiences and adventures. Being creative also has benefits for adults, and there are lots of activities you can do together in your spare time. Use your imagination to explore and embody different roles and characters, let loose on a blank canvas or channel your inner Blue Peter presenter and turn a pile of junk into a sculpture worthy of awards.

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