Time to Get Involved with Your Child’s School?

As you will undoubtedly agree, being a parent comes with a whole lot of huge responsibilities. Keeping your children safe, happy and healthy becomes your main priority in life, and that is why you should be getting more involved with your child’s school!

You might think that you have a million and one other things that you have to do, but I’m sure you’ll also agree that your child’s education is of extreme importance to you, and most importantly them, and many of our schools are struggling, Taking the time to volunteer, even if it is just for the occasional school trip, can make an amazing amount of difference to not only the lives of your children, but all of the children in your community and that is a really good thing you can do.

So, how exactly do you get involved? The best way to find out is to ask your children’s’ teachers what they need help with, but to give you some ideas as to the many ways you can make a difference, here are some of the things you may be able to help out with:

Help Kids with Their Reading

Reading is probably the most important skill any child can learn, but so many of them struggle with the basics, and unfortunately, teachers and teaching assistants don’t always have as much time as they would like to work with those kids. That’s where you can come in – you can sit with them and help them do a but more reading than they usually would so that they can improve their skills and meet their milestones. The day the kids your helping are able to read a whole passage out without any help will be one of the best you’ll ever experience!

School Trip Supervisor

It won’t always be as exciting as taking the kids on school trips to Poland where they can learn about the history of the place, or supervising them on the ski slopes of France, but if you can offer your time to help the teachers take care of the kids on a school trip or two, it will be very much appreciated (it’s not easy wrangling 30 excited kids as you wander around the local woodlands ensuring that they don’t fall over and decide to play an impromptu game of hide and seek), but more importantly, you will be helping to expand your kids’ minds and give them a fun, educational day out – what’s not to love? Well, maybe the rain, but other than that, it’ll be great!

Run a Club

If you have a specific skill that you think the kids would be interested in learning, and which you think it would be beneficial to learn, whether that be martial arts, computer programming or crafting, why not approach your children’s school and ask them about setting up a club? In some places, there isn’t much for the kids to do after school, even more so when they’re young, so having a short club where they can do something that isn’t playing with a device, will surely be of great benefit to them.

Similarly, if you have a skill that the school staff could use some help with such as grant proposal writing, offering to help them with that will be very much appreciated too!

Help Out at Events

Most schools run various events from Easter fairs to bake sales in a bid to raise a little money for the school and to get more of the community involved with and caring about the local school, but they tend to have a severe lack of parents who are willing or able to help. This is understandable, what with most of us having to work most of the time, but if you ever do find yourself free when one of these events is being held, do offer to help out. Not only will you be very much welcomed by the teachers, but you’ll help them raise vital funds for the education of the kids, such as gym equipment, textbooks and crafting supplies. These events ensure that your kids get as much enrichment as possible from their education, so helping out once in a while is a really nice thing to do.

You might be hesitant to get involved with your child’s school for so many practical reasons, but it really is one of the best things you can do for them, and you know what, if you choose to get involved in the right way, you will probably find that it’s a really enjoyable, rewarding experience. Give it a go!


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